UESUGI, Kenshin (1530-1578)

Sengoku daimyo. Born as Nagao Kagetora, later known as Yamauchi Uesugi Masatora, then Terutora, finally taking the laymonk name Kenshin.

Son of Nagao Tamekage the deputy shugo of Echigo province, he fought his elder brother Harukage, won the battle, and inherited his father's title and office, and united the province under his control. Following his achievements in Echigo, he received office of Kanto Kanryo and the family name Yamauchi Uesugi from Uesugi Norimasa. To establish his new position he sent troops to fight Hojo Ujiyasu in the Kanto, but his most formidable opponent was Takeda Shingen whom he met in battle four times. Shingen and Kenshin battled at Kawanakajima in an attempt to establish supremacy in the Kanto, but all encounters ended undecidedly. While advancing his troops towards Etchu province, Kenshin died suddenly.