Walking Methods: Four Items

Item [One]

Use specialized sandals for [crossing] a large muddy area, and nukiashi for [crossing] a small muddy area. For explanation and sketch of these sandals refer to the water crossing device (suiki) in the "Ninki" volume. The meaning of nukiashi is "root up willow field."Kuden..

Item [Two]

There are kitsune-ayumi (fox trot) and inu-toshi (dog walk) methods of ukiashi (floating feet) when entering the compound and house of the enemy. Ukiashi is an orally transmitted technique [associated] with tree monkeys, which refers to tree leaves. Kitsune-ayumi and inu-toshi mean "lightening [walk]".Kuden.

* The explanations above is obviously only basic instructions for methods of walking. The "kuden" at the end of each section suggests that specific instructions for the use of walking devices, or for the actual techniques of crossing open areas exist but could be learned only by direct instruction.

The term "lightning walk" means walking quickly in a zig zag, similar to the shape of a lightening. However, this should not be taken literally. There are variations for this type of walk depending on the terrain.


Item [Three]

For walking on tatami or wooden floor use "special board sandals" or "rabbit's walk on grass." A sketch and description of the "special board sandals" is recorded in the "Kaiki" section of "Ninki" volume. The meaning of the method of true-rabbit-walk is similar to leaves floating on water. It is for walking on walls. Kuden.

Item [Four]

Concerning Zasakashi. This is a method for entering an enemy's house without knowing its layout or the [location] of the guards-in-waiting. To do that, there is the crouching [advancement], left and right alternatively. That is, when walking in such a manner, take out your sword and pull off the saya twelve sun. Swindle the saya and when you experience a hit on a person, pull the saya off [the blade], then cut [to clear] the way. This is called Zasakashi-no-jutsu. This jutsu is part of Sageo-nana-jutsu. Therefore, this is an important skill for entering an enemy house.

*"Special board sandals" are sandals with a sole made of animal fur, which is effective in absorbing the sound of stumping on a wooden floor. Similar to earlier instructions, the actual technique could only be taught by direct instruction.